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A Member of Bank of China Group

Financial Calendar

Event Date
First quarter 2016 operational data 27-Jun-16
Second quarter 2016 operational data 22-Jul-16
2016 Interim results announcement 29-Aug-16
Closure of registers of members 19-Sep-16
Payment of Interim dividend 14-Oct-16
Third quarter 2016 operational data 25-Oct-16
Fourth quarter 2016 operational data 12-Jan-17
2016 Final results announcement 27-Mar-17
First quarter 2017 operational data 13-Apr-17
Annual General Meeting 31-May-17
Closure of registers of members 12-Jun-17
Payment of Final dividend 19-Jun-17
Second quarter 2017 operational data 7-Jul-17
2017 Interim results announcement
Closure of registers of members 25-Sep-17
Third quarter 2017 operational data 9-Oct-17
Payment of Interim dividend  13-Oct-17
Fourth quarter 2017 operational data 11-Jan-18
2017 Final results announcement 14-Mar-18
First quarter 2018 operational data 11-Apr-18
Annual General Meeting   30-May-18
Closure of registers of members  7-Jun-18
Payment of Final dividend  14-Jun-18
Second quarter 2018 operational data  9-Jul-18
2018 Interim results announcement
Closure of register of members  5-Oct-18
Third quarter 2018 operational data 11-Oct-18
Payment of Interim dividend  12-Oct-18
Fourth quarter 2018 operational data  11-Jan-19
2018 Final results announcement   13-Mar-19
First quarter 2019 operational data  9-Apr-19
Annual General Meeting  29-May-19
Closure of register of members  6-Jun-19
Payment of Final dividend   14-Jun-19
Second quarter 2019 operational data
2019 Interim results announcement 16-Aug-19
Closure of register of members 3-Oct-19
Third quarter 2019 operational data  11-Oct-19
Payment of Interim dividend
Fourth quarter 2019 operational data 
2019 Final results announcement 
First quarter 2020 operational data
Annual General Meeting
Closure of register of members 
Payment of Final dividend