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Our Approach

We strive to be good corporate citizens within our environment and society, and foster a strong culture of governance.

Our Impact

While we are a global Company with over US$23 billion in assets, our environmental impact is low as we employ only 182 employees in five offices around the globe.

Environmental Sustainability

At BOC Aviation, we actively work to reduce our direct carbon emissions and environmental footprint. We emphasize the use of electronic communications and video conferencing to avoid unnecessary travel. We have taken a strong stand against the use of private jets, which are prohibited under our travel policy.

By end 2022, BOC Aviation has committed to:
1. Reduce CO2 emissions per average employee by 5% compared to 2019
2. Reduce papers used (tonnes) per average employee by 10% compared to 2019
3. Reduce electricity consumed (kWh) per average employee by 5% compared to 2019



BOC Aviation is committed to enhancing shareholder value by achieving high standards of corporate ethics, conduct, transparency and accountability. We are firmly committed to a culture of transparency and compliance and we conduct our business affairs with high standards of honesty and integrity through our policies including anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and fraud risk management.

The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the Company’s ESG strategy, and is responsible for evaluating and determining the Company’s ESG-related risks, and ensuring that appropriate and effective ESG risk management and internal control systems are in place. The Board comprises the Chairman (who is also a Non-executive Director), four other Non-executive Directors, four Independent Non-executive Directors and two Executive Directors.

Anti-Corruption and Whistleblowing

Our Board

Workforce Diversity

As a global aircraft leasing Company with offices in five countries, we are proud to have a diverse workforce with an almost equal balance of male and female employees. At 31 December 2020, we employed people with 20 different nationalities in our Company.

Investing In Our People

Our people are our greatest resource, and we place great emphasis on talent development through training and performance coaching. The health and safety of our employees are of paramount importance. We are committed to continuously improve the health and safety awareness of all our employees and to create a culture where everyone shares responsibility for the safety and well-being of their fellow workers and the community.


A Modern And Efficient Fleet

BOC Aviation is committed to supporting the aviation industry to reduce global carbon emissions by building a more efficient fleet to address climate changes. In 2020, we added US$3.9 billion of latest technology aircraft to our balance sheet, with average fuel efficiency improvements of more than 20% over previous generation models and our forward orderbook comprises these latest technology, fuel efficient aircraft.

Investment In The Community

BOC Aviation participates in various trade, business and industry associations to contribute to the growth and governance of the aviation industry. We also make donations to various non-profit organisations for humanitarian and charitable purposes. We do not provide any donations of a political nature.

Our volunteering activities

At BOC Aviation, we participate in Corporate Social Responsibility activities so that we have a direct, positive impact on the communities around us in our offices around the world.

20 Nov 2020


Cleaning the Waterways in Singapore

For the third year running, BOC Aviation partnered with Waterways Singapore - once again in November 2020 - to clean up the waterways along the Kallang and Singapore rivers. This year, the Waterways cleaning activity resulted in the BOC Aviation team collecting some 82kg of waste from the waterways in Singapore.

20 Oct 2020


Packing with Food From The Heart

The BOC Aviation team spent an afternoon packing 185 food packs with Food From The Heart, a non-profit charity that reaches out to homes through its food distribution programme in Singapore.

30 Jun 2020


Donation Drive to support Food From The Heart

The BOC Aviation team organised an internal donation drive in May and June 2020 in support of Food From The Heart, an independent non-profit organisation in Singapore devoted to alleviating hunger through its food distribution programmes. We are pleased to have raised a total of SGD35,339, the equivalent of distributing 785 food packs to beneficiaries in Singapore.

13 Nov 2019


Cleaning the Waterways in Singapore

The BOC Aviation Singapore team partnered with Waterways Singapore in November 2019 to clean up the waterways along the Kallang and Singapore river. In total, the team picked up 54kg of waste from the waterways.

02 Aug 2019


Sprucing Up a Garden in a Hospital in London

The BOC Aviation London team spent a day in August 2019 cleaning up and weeding out the gardens at the RNOH Stanmore Hospital in Greater London (an NHS hospital) so that patients recovering from spinal injuries are able to enjoy the sunshine and beauty of the hospital’s lush greenery.

19 Jul 2019


Refreshing a Shelter in Dublin

The BOC Aviation Dublin team spent a day in July 2019 painting and refreshing the shelters for Aoibhneas, Dublin, a refuge from domestic violence for women and children.