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Reporting to the Head of Technical, the successful candidate assumes the following key roles:-


Job Responsibilities

  • Lead and manage the powerplant team across the Company’s locations in Dublin and Singapore.
  • Assume overall responsibility for all powerplant related aspects in LOI/lease negotiations, asset monitoring, transition and repossession projects, and aircraft sales / part-out.
  • Manage and develop innovative solutions to maximize inherent asset value of the engine and APU for all stages of an engine life cycle, including effective countermeasures to preserve or enhance asset value.
  • Oversee the continuous review of technical or operational information from lessees, manufacturers, vendors, regulatory authorities and other industry sources, and determine how this affects allocated
  • Identify any significant issues affecting long term asset values, lease transition activities, lessee’s compliance with lease agreement and Company exposure to lessee default. Highlight and escalate to the Head of Technical as required.
  • Benchmark all engine and APU related maintenance costs, set standards for all engine and APU related maintenance reserve values.
  • Monitor all on-lease engine and APU assets for any issues which may affect the residual value of the powerplant or the aircraft.
  • Support aircraft placements with lessees and aircraft sales projects, including in setting up standards for all powerplant related clauses and the negotiation of such terms at Letters of Intent and Lease Agreements stages.
  • Manage on-lease engine and APU assets workplan across the powerplant team, including the review of shop reports and invoices as part of reserve claim management, maintenance compensation calculations and lease return condition compliance.
  • Support transition and repossession projects, manage all powerplant related aspects including liaise with powerplant OEM and MRO companies as required.
  • Define and maintain standards for the powerplant management for the Company, such as inspection standards, processes and procedures to be followed. Define and manage appropriate procedures for information, escalation and exception handling.



  • Proven track record in trading, managing and developing innovative solutions to maximize inherent asset value of the engine and APU.
  • Extensive network of contacts with engine and APU traders, owners and lessors.
  • Experience in IAE V2500, CFM56, CF6, CF34, GE90, GEnx, RR Trent engines.
  • Experience in powerplant leadership. A motivator, self-starter, customer-focused and able to lead an independent team.
  • Good analytical and decision-making skills.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills are a must, as is the ability to work in a multi-cultural environment. 
  • Good working knowledge of powerplant IT related and OEM software, Microsoft Word and Excel.  
  • Be prepared to undertake short and long haul travel on a frequent basis.


If you like working in an international environment, please email us your CV with details of expected remuneration to:

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